1. Design Software

Adobe After Effects

An animation and graphic design suite for advanced motion graphics, special effects, and creative images


Create world-class customer experiences, streamline your marketing department's workflow, and develop product prototypes in record time

Adobe Muse

Defunct website builder application that has been largely replaced by the Adobe Creative Cloud platform


An enhanced charting and diagramming platform that allows you to make advanced charts

Photoshop Elements

Photo editing application that provides cutting edge tools and features


A flowchart program that allows you to effortlessly create advanced plans and charts in seconds


Free photo editing software with an easy point-and-click interface that you can use inside your browser


Record impressive sales videos, personalize communications with your best prospects, and increase recurring revenue from current customers

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

Legacy application designed for users to adjust light, tint, vibrance and more on digital photos


An accessible wireframing program that allows you to make and customize wireframes for your needs