1. Design Software

Adobe Photoshop

The world's premier photo-editing and graphic design software package for professional photographers and advertisers

Adobe Illustrator

Graphic design software for vector-based images and animations that are compatible with print and web media formats

Adobe InDesign

Document design software featuring an advanced editor and a world-class typography module for desktop publishers

Canva for Enterprise

Enterprise-grade design software for social media content, business presentations, marketing brochures, and much more.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Develop mobile-responsive websites with this full-stack, visually intuitive front-end design tool from Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Maintain, edit and post photos after running them through a collection of filters and other tools


Use free image editor to retouch old and new photos or create your own images

Adobe Premiere Pro

A studio-caliber suite of tools for editing, producing, and publishing professional videos


A product creation tool that allows you to draw, prototype and collaborate on product ideas

Microsoft Publisher

A desktop publishing program that is highly accessible and comes with many templates