This program activates the power of your system and is ideal for gamers


A cryptocurrency mining pool that offers merged services and multi-coin packages for BTC and altcoin enthusiasts


A data-sharing marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of computing power across the globe


A field programmable gate array and application specific integrated semiconductor BTC miner with multi-pool support

Genesis Mining

Mine Bitcoin and your favorite altcoins with a variety of contract options that offer daily transfers


Now-defunct company specializing in cryptocurrency mining services for the general public


An efficient and customizable miner for every CryptoNight coin available, featuring OLED compatability

Awesome Miner

Keep close tabs on your Bitcoin mining operation while making use of countless cryptocurrency resources

Cudo Miner

A complete cryptocurrency miner built on both CPUs and GPUs with support for multiple mining algorithms


A cryptocurrency miner with a graphical interface that allows you to mine multiple currencies