1. Content Management Systems

Lessonly Knowledge

Suite of development tools to build and manage knowledge bases such as FAQs and chatbots

Optimizely Content Cloud

Digital marketing solution and CMS tools designed to give your business the keys to success

Butter CMS

Content management system that publishes over an application programming interface instead of a web rendering engine

GoDaddy Website Builder

Tackle the task of creating your own functional, competitive and professional website with this intuitive program


A content platform meant to empower creators on a mission to create their best content


A video-based training and presentation platform for large businesses and universities to deliver courses in a searchable format

Zoho Sites

Online website builder with intuitive workflows to easily create and publish business and personal projects


Online computer-assisted translation platform with multiple languages, custom translation memories, glossaries, dictionaries, and editing features

Zoho Forms

Easy-to-use form builder that comes with an array of themes and templates

FastField Forms

Transform paper checklists, forms, and other documents into digital interactive forms