1. Content Management Systems


Optical character recognition utility program for Windows with scanning, pagination, and PDF document handling features

90 Second Website Builder

Easy-to-use website building software that allows you to create an online presence effortlessly


Internet service that facilitates the sending and receiving of very large digital files via email

iTranslate Voice

Mobile app that provides real-time translation into multiple languages through speech recognition, phrasebooks, and transcripts


Secure online communication software that makes collaborating and keeping in touch with clients a breeze

EWWW Image

Image compression software that reduces the size of images while keeping them clear and visible


A workflow management program that specializes in journals, conferences and books, but can be applied to other projects


Monitoring tool for various types of internet files and documents; includes notifications of changes and reports


Top-notch file hosting and file-sharing services for enterprises and privacy-conscious personal users with large amounts of data to store