1. Commerce Software


A modern workforce management solutions that helps reduce labor costs without having to lay off staff

Heartland Point of Sale (POS)

A POS system that adapts to your business's needs and comes with many tools


Streamline all of your gas station and convenience store back-office functions with automated register reporting and receipt scanning


Manage and track payments all from a single unified commercial-grade financial dashboard

Payment Express

Payment gateway system intended for electric transfer of funds for various sales

Dropified (fomerly Shopified)

Chrome extension designed to help automate various aspects of your drop-shipping business


Process and network point of sales terminals so you can find out how much is made by each

Instantly allow your customers or clients to make financing arrangements rather than pay upfront costs

Authentication policy engine to increase access security and control through multi-factor authentication and credentialing management


Earn rewards and deals from major brands in exchange for sharing honest product reviews online