1. Collaboration & Productivity Software

Oracle Beehive

Enterprise server for communications and team collaboration; can run from the cloud or on-premise


Provider of WebRTC and VoIP services that offers affordable cloud APIs for developers of proprietary portals

INXPO Webcasting

A business video hosting platform that provides stable connections for thousands to millions of users


A unique team meeting platform that allows users to leave anonymous feedback and improve team coordination

Zoom Scheduler

This program allows you to schedule online meetings directly through your calendar application


A secure chat program that allows you to make your own server or join established ones


Information management solution that makes taking notes and recording information easier than ever

Explain Everything

Immersive whiteboard platform embedded with interactive capabilities including voice chat, live recording and timeline modifications


Dual-mode phone communications solution that allows business users to combine two lines in one smartphone


Turn your text documents into colorful brochures, engaging magazine issues, and full-blown eBooks in PDF format