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  2. Audio Editing Software


Open-source audio-editing software that's easy to work with and develop plug-in applications for

Adobe Audition

A cloud-based audio editing workstation with a full suite of features that includes easy sound splicing and multi-track compression


Studio-quality music creation software for the iPhone, iPad, and other OS X devices.

Logic Pro X

A native, studio-quality audio editor for Apple smartphones, iOS laptops, and tablets

Ableton Live

A complete audio workstation for producers and artists that want to start recording with the push of a button

Avid Pro Tools

Take your organization's payroll, accounting, and finance processes into the digital age with a web-based application that has a track record of success

FL Studio

A digital audio workstation for producers and artists to create, edit, compress, and mix multi-track music projects


A digital audio workstation that lets you use the same tools as your favorite professional musician to record and mix your tracks

Sound Forge

Digital audio recording and editing software that is highly recommended for high quality podcast production


Audio editing software for putting together sound clips through an intuitive copy-and-paste user interface