1. Artificial Intelligence Software


Scientific visualization software for physics simulations, graphing, solving mathematical equations, conducting virtual lab experiments, and more


An artificial intelligence and machine learning platform for enterprises that have already started making a digital transformation

IBM Watson Assistant

Voice search assistant service that works with a wide array of different metric subroutines

IBM Watson Studio

Develop sophisticated AI models in order to process large amounts of data


Streamline your sales funnel and automate the majority of customer interactions with realistic, AI-driven chatbots


Marketing automation system for Facebook Messenger that allowing users to launch their own chat bots


Artificial intelligence platform that uses natural language processing for applications such as inbound customer service

KNIME Analytics Platform

Open-source platform for developing data science projects that incorporate visualization, modeling, projections, and potential interactions

Amazon Lex

Chatbot development platform powered by the artificial intelligence of the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant

Express Scribe

Fully featured audio player hand-crafted for transcription and typing purposes