1. IT Infrastructure Software

  2. Monitoring Software

  3. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software


Analytical tool that tracks an application's engagement, popularity and areas of improvement to get more users


This performance management system checks for bottlenecks and warns you about performance issues

Splunk Enterprise

An analysis tool that helps you collect information on machine data for better decisions

New Relic One

A cloud-based software development platform that helps you make and test programs

Sumo Logic

Manage your organization's digital transformation by organizing every department's app usage to keep SaaS subscription fees under control


This tracks all the services across your business while delivering enhanced analytics information


A coding analysis program that checks why programs and apps failed and how to fix them

Google Cloud Console

Manage DialogFlow, TensorFlow, and all of your other Google Cloud services from one integrated online dashboard

Apache Airavata

Manage, deploy and monitor enterprise-scale applications with this efficient framework