This is the level editor for Thief: The Dark Project, called...


This is the level editor for Thief: The Dark Project, called DromEd.

NOTE: this version of DromEd will *not* work in Thief Gold or Thief 2! See [more info] for ways to get the appropriate versions of DromEd for those games.


Extract all files in the archive to your main Thief directory, overwriting all files when prompted.

To get DromEd for Thief Gold: look on the Thief Gold Disc 1 in the \goodies directory. Installation is the same as above.

To get DromEd for Thief 2: There is a version of DromEd 2 on Disc 1 of the Thief 2 installation disc set, but it not up to date. You can get an updated archive from the Thief 2 section of FilePlanet, which contains the DromEd 2 update, an accurate DromEd 2 tutorial, and some extra LGS documentation as well. Make sure to patch Thief 2 to version 1.18 first, though.

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