Project Torque v3.0 Client

Project Torque is a MMORG or otherwise known as a Massively...

Project Torque v3.0 Client

Project Torque is a MMORG or otherwise known as a Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game. It features cuting edge 3D graphics, multiple game modes, up to 32 players per race, online rankings and more!

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Game Features:

* MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game)

* Cutting Edge 3D Graphics

* Several Types of Game Modes

* 8 Player Races (Expanding to 32 Players per Race)

* Advanced Experience and Licensing System

* Online Community features like Chat and Email within the Client

* Shop and Item Mall for Upgrades and Car Customization

* Online Rankings

* Tournaments

Upcoming Features

* Race Teams / Race Clubs

* Fully Customizable Avatars and Race Girls

* New Cars

* New Tracks

* New Modes of Play

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