Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Adventurers Oblivion v0.7 BETA

The "Adventurers' project is a complete makeover for...

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Adventurers Oblivion v0.7 BETA

The "Adventurers' project is a complete makeover for Oblivion. It attempts to "balance" all aspects of gameplay to maximise fun and minimize frustration. Almost all items, NPCs, creatures, and leveled lists have been altered for maximum fun. No quests have been changed, though. Extensive changes have been made throughout the game, so I can't guarantee compatibility with other plugins. I recommend starting a new game for the best experience.

Game Settings:

* NPCs now have more health per level (FNPCAttributeHealthMult from 0.5 to 0.65). This doesn't have as large an impact as it appears; it's about 10% extra HP.

* Your character has less HP (fPCBaseHealthMult 2.0 to 1.8).

* Can carry a bit more weight (fActorStrengthEncumbranceMult 5 to 5.5).

* Increased amount of experience needed to gain a level in any skill (FSkillUseExp 1.5 to 1.55).

* Training costs are higher (FTrainingCostMult 10-15)

* Changed sneak damage bonus to encourage more backstabbing at higher levels (Novice: bow1.5x stab3x, Apprendice 2x 4x, Journeyman 2.5x 5x, Expert 3x 6.5x, Master 3.5x 8x)

* Light armor expert perk reduced from 100% to 70%. (fPerkLightArmorExpertSpeedMult)

* Light armor master perk reduced from 50% to 30%. (fPerkLightArmorMasterRatingMult)

* Heavy armor expert and master perks reduced by half. (fPerkHeavyArmorMasterSpeedMult)

* NPCs wait a little longer between their own conversations (FAItalktoNPCtimer and FAItalktoNPCtimer doubled)

Item Changes:

* Armor and weapon values COMPLETELY redone. See charts.

* Convenient 'Storage Chests' in most Barracks, Fighters' and Mages' guilds, so your loot won't disappear later (look for containers with the name 'Storage Chest')

* Arrow speed +40% (fArrowSpeedMult 1500 to 2100)

* More likely to retrieve arrows from victims (iArrowInventoryChance 50 to 75)

* Merchants offer slightly less for your stuff (FBarterSellBase -20 to -25)

* The better alchemical equipment weighs less.

* At Blades headquarters, only the items in the armory are available to grab. The rest require a higher rank.

* Most expensive items in guilds are only available to higher ranking members.

* Precious stones, silver housewares, and animal pelts are more expensive (2-5X)

* Added a rare item to each of the armor and weapon shops in Imperial City. I plan to extend this to most shops later.

* The armor and weapon shops in Imperial City are more specialized now. For example, the shield merchant has mostly shields, the sword shop mostly swords, etc.

* Added more interesting armor to fighters in Chorrol fighters guild. Why are all of these level 20 and 40 NPCs wearing iron? Again, I plan to extend this to some other NPCs later.

* See charts for more details.

Actor Changes:

* Less aggressive versions of bears and boars will be encountered from level 1

* Animals don't carry gold or lockpicks, but sometimes more ingredients

* There are now small, harmless 'Field Rats' in addition to normal rats and 'Giant Rats'.

Magic Changes:

* Lowering the base rate of Magicka regeneration (FMagickaReturnBase 0.75 to 0.3), but raising the multiplier (FMagickaReturnMult 0.02 to 0.035). So characters who don't specialize in magic (those with low willpower) will have a slower regen and should have to rely more on potions. But mages should quickly see an increase as they work on their willpower stat.

* Speed of magic projectiles +60% (fMagicProjectileBaseSpeed 1000 to 1600)

* Increased amount of magicka by 25% (fPCBaseMagickaMult)

* Base restore health spell (renamed 'Basic Heal') is less efficient and cannot be rapidly cast to heal yourself quickly. The better heal spells require at least a 25 restoration skill.

* Increased the duration (and lowered base mag. costs) for summoned monsters and bound items.

* Light spells are less expensive to cast/create (0.051-0.035)

* Default light spell 'Starlight' is more effective, has greater range.

* Destruction spells are less expensive to cast (about 15% less).

* Drain Health effect removed for spellmaking or enchanting because it's an easy exploit. For example with a 1-second drain of 100 health, it is a cheap Death spell (their health all returns immediately unless you bring it to 0). However, we're adding custom Death spells that can be bought from powerful mages ('Word of Death' for 65HP or approx. level 6 NPC, and 'Death' for 130HP or about level 11 NPC).

* See charts for more details.

Leveled List Changes:

* I like the idea of leveled items and enemies, but the levels are spread out too much. I would like to see more 'surprises', especially in the more dangerous areas

* More difficult enemies can be found from the start in 'difficult' areas, like near Oblivion and certain shrines (The leveled creature lists for those areas have a small chance of spawning a more powerful creature right from level 1, and the odds go up from there)

* Most leveled lists for NPCs and creatures will be more focused in scope. For example, instead of having wolves range from level 1 to level 20!, they should stay around level 4-8 the entire game. That way there is more of a sense of progression while leveling up. See charts.

* I'm changing the way NPC levels are determined by adjusting their Offset, CalcMin and CalcMax values. So for instance a bandit boss may have 6-1-13 which would limit them to levels 7-13. Weaker NPCs and creatures would be limited to lower level of course.

* In some areas you might encounter 2 instead of 1 of the following creature types: skeleton, zombie, goblin, scamp and clannfear.

* More changes to leveled item lists. For example: arena fighters won't be wearing all Daedric at higher levels but instead it will range from iron and leather to Mithril and Dwarven; Skeleton archers will max out with silver bows; same for Goblins, bandits, etc.

* The leveled opponents in the Arena are now mostly fixed as far as level, so they should gradually get tougher. Also their equipment won't vary by much; mostly steel and chain.

* Some bosses and rare treasure will be guarded by an extra enemy or two. Check out Vilverin for an example. May extend this to other locations based on feedback.

There was too much fantastic loot at higher levels:

* The most powerful armors and weapons are now harder to find. Normal enemies like bandits for example will mostly wear normal stuff even at higher levels. Bosses, Oblivion and quests are the main source of better stuff.

Better selection of stuff from the start:

* Shopkeepers randomly carry better stuff from the start (some steel and leather), and better stuff becomes available sooner at lower levels.

Note that rare items like Elven, Glass or Daedric will generally not be sold even at higher levels; you have to go out and find those.

* Each armor and weapon shop in Imperial City (later the entire province) has a new rare item for sale.

More rewards for exploring and fighting:

* Some ingredients are more expensive (2x - 10x) and flowers and seeds now weigh less

* The random amounts of gold and treasure in dungeon containers are more stable throughout the game

* Many enemies carry more gold (randomly)

* Boss characters are more likely to have rare weapons and armor (they'll use them against you first of course).

* Arena combatants are now leveled according to NPC chart, and they use a different leveled lists for weapons and armor. Cash awards are appropriately larger now.

* No more leveled rewards! Only one possible reward item at all levels, and 3 or 4 possible gold amounts.

* Elven stuff is now mainly found in Ayleid ruins; Ebony, Dremora and Daedric primarily in Oblivion.

* See charts for more details.

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