APCD Update v1.1

This version of the Arnold Palmer Course Designer adds new...

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APCD Update v1.1

This version of the Arnold Palmer Course Designer adds new features and fixes several issues. Added features include Terrain Painter, Game Cam, Hole Preview, the ability to import elevation data and much more. For more information on all of the added features and fixes, seethe additional information section.


-Terrain Painter - You no longer need to select a group of faces to employ the Terrain Painter. It will work on any terrain you run it across. It also has the ability to add verts on the fly, so elevation detail can be added anywhere as needed. If you use this new ability, Terrain Painter has a setting to simplify the modified area when you release the mouse button.

-Game Cam - One of the many possible Links views is offered by the Game Cam. This window is set to render at the same settings that Links 2001 would use in 800x600.

-Swap Hole - In the Course Properties dialog, you may now swap one hole with another, easily renumbering existing holes without having to completely redefine them.

-Hole Preview - You may now assign Hole Preview images for your course.

-Units - You may now set the Arnold Palmer Course Designer (APCD) to use metric or English units independent of the ones Windows uses. Create Hole without Shapes -Hole Boundary-You may now create a hole without using any shapes to define terrain.

-Hole Yardage Limits have been increased as follows:

Par Old Limit New Limit

--- -------- ---------

5 700 900

4 550 700

3 250 300

-Import Elevation Data - You can now import Elevation Data to create a mesh.

-Planting Mode Changes - Modifications were made to Planting Mode to speed up changes to a heavily planted course.


- A problem where the Topview TGA for an object was not being changed if a TGA by the same name already existed in the Object Library was fixed.

- Fixed Japanese Crash for Links 2001

- Custom targa files are now always saved out as 32-bit targas with no additional information (certain types of targas could cause the game to crash).

- Terrain texture targas being loaded from a course are now converted to 32-bit targas with no additional information (if necessary), before being saved to the user lib.

- A crash when a shape was created and assigned a custom terrain type (which later got deleted without having reassigned another terrain type to the shape) was fixed.

- Physics for the terrain category "Other" were changed to match "Fairway".

- Clicking to delete the red Hole ID shape, then clicking No on the warning dialog resulted in deletion of the red Hole ID shape anyway, but without deleting the hole path, which would remain on the course with no way to remove it. This was fixed.

- A crash that occurred when trying to save to a CD-ROM or network path was fixed.

- The default zoom setting when loading a course was changed to zoom to the first hole to reduce initial render time.

- Display options were fixed so that 2D objects and crowds can be turned off independently.

- The ability to display course shapes, terrain shapes, or both was added to the "Display Options" command panel on the Views sub-tab.

- A bug that would plant an object at the origin if you tried to plant it in the front, back, left, or right views (as well as off the terrain) was fixed.

- A bug that prevented using the Tape Measure in any viewport if a Top View was not open was fixed.

- Problems that would allow Custom Images that didn't meet the requirements to be imported into a course were fixed.

- Problems with the Total Yardage (now Total Distance) Indicator displaying inconsistent values were fixed.

- A bug with the forest tool that could plant multiple objects in the same location (if the Plant button was clicked in quick succession) was fixed.

-Using APCD 1.1 and Links 1.21 (or newer versions), the custom object "Tournament Object" flag was fixed so that custom objects flagged as Tournament Objects now display in Links only when you set Links to display Tournament Objects

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