Combat Flight Simulator 3 Update

This update will add new features to your game...

Combat Flight Simulator 3 Update

This update will add new features to your game. See more information for details.

Update Installation: Installing the update requires 30 megabytes of space on your PC's hard drive. Backups of files that have changed are stored in a folder called "Backup" in your Combat Flight Simulator 3 directory. If the CFS3 Update has been successfully installed on your machine, you can remove this backup directory to reclaim the space occupied by the Backup folder.

Note: Installation of the Combat Flight Simulator 3 update installs a new configuration profile, which enables CFS3 on more machines. This configuration profile is stored on a per-user basis. If you have more than one user account on the PC where you run CFS3, you will need to install the CFS3 update under each account for the appropriate configuration changes to take effect.

Cancel Button: During the update process, a Cancel button is available that allows you to stop the installation process. Clicking Cancel will stop the installation of the update, but may leave Combat Flight Simulator 3 in an incomplete state. You will need to either restart and complete the installation of the update, or reinstall Combat Flight Simulator 3 to ensure that the simulation functions properly.

Custom Aircraft: If you have installed any add-ons which have changed the list of aircraft that came with Combat Flight Simulator 3, you may be unable to install the update. If this is the case, you will see an error message during update installation stating that certain original files could not be found. To work around this error, please restore the original Combat Flight Simulator 3 aircraft files; you may need to uninstall and reinstall Combat Flight Simulator 3 to do this.

Uninstalling the CFS3 Update: There are two methods to uninstall the CFS3 update. The recommended method is to simply uninstall and reinstall Combat Flight Simulator 3. This will ensure that Combat Flight Simulator 3 is restored to its original state.

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