Half-Life - CS: Drk Map Pack 1.4 Update

This is the latest release from [Drk] housing all the...

Half-Life - CS: Drk Map Pack 1.4 Update

This is the latest release from [Drk] housing all the greatest maps in CS.

[Drk] CS Map PacK

V. 1.4 - Upgrade Pack

"This is an Official Pack"

**This is the upgrade pack**

V. 1.2 Recommened


This is the upgrade version of our

awesome map pack. Please be sure

you have V. 1.2 installed if not

get 1.4 Full.

Please direct any and all comments

about this pack to

[email protected]

-------------End Notes------------


We included the following:







--------------End maps------------


We in NO WAY guarantee anything on

this map pack.

As of our publishing we certify:

100% Virus Free

Will Not Damage CS

------------End Warrenty----------


This archive is defaulted to


If you have installed HL somewhere

other, replace that path.

------------End Install-----------

[Drk] CS Clan

"Death is pleasure, mearly unexpected"

Packed: 7/23/2002

By: [Drk]Satan

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