Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Rise of the Reds Mod v1.0

Rise of the Reds is an expansion mod for Generals: Zero Hour...

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Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Rise of the Reds Mod v1.0

Rise of the Reds is an expansion mod for Generals: Zero Hour which adds a completely new generals system, new generals for all original sides, and adds the Russian Federation and the European Continental Army. Each faction will include new Generals with different units, structures and abilities to be pinned against each other in this explosive conflict. Pick from Russia's experimental weapons from the Advanced Weapons General to the ECA's earth-pounding artillery weapons. ROTR has everyones faction in one mod. We hope you will all enjoy it =)

********** Command & Conquer Generals: Rise of the Reds Beta Release 1.00 SWR Edition *********


*****Introduction and Features*****



Hello and thank you for downloading Rise of the Reds 1.0 SWR Edition. You must be asking why we added SWR Edition and kept

the first version number. We, SWR originate from Shockwave-Mod, WarGames Zero Hour and have some of the team from the original

Rise of the Reds modification. In time we eventually organized a new team and set out to re-create Rise of the

Reds and dubbed it SWR Edition. In this version you will see a brand new Russian Federation faction, with overhauled gameplay

elements, models, textures, particle effects and sound effects. While you may recognise the new Russain faction, we guarantee to

you that every unit has been rebalanced. We hope you feel these changes as soon as you start the game.

Now lets go over a few of the features you will see in this version over what you remember from ROTR 1.0, or for you new

downloaders from ZH.


New Faction: Russian Federation.

Fight the Russian Federation. A nation whose history has been beset by betrayal, upheaval and economic strife. In Rise of the Reds

the Russians will have some of the most expensive and powerful vehicles in the game. Infantry are cheaply trained and are

most effective in numbers, their versatility with their own specializations will help you and your forces to march onward to a

great Soviet victory! Upgrades are plentiful and will substantially reduce costs and increase firepower for your units and aircraft.

Close helicopter support and aircraft are available, while hard to utilise fully they are invaluable in your effort to control the


Use your tools wisely Commander, for if they are used correctly, a Russian player can and will streamroll any opponent no matter who

they may be.

Updated Factions: USA and China.

These 2 factions have been given new units, upgrades and gameplay tweaks to better prepare them for a battle with the Russian and

European foes (ECA and GLA will not be available for this initial release). New units like the Chinese Twin-Fang and AH6 Little

Bird will substantially enhance the gameplay elements for these factions. There are more units and upgrades to explore, learn

them and use them against your foes!

New Scout System.

We've made many gameplay tweaks but this is one of the more memorable and important changes. We've reduced the sight range

for a lot of ground units to encourage the use of Scout units. These units will be available from your Command Center for

minimal cost, each of them have their own unique features and will aid your advancements on the field. Use these scouts to

spot for your artillery and venture into unknown territory without risking more costly forces.

New Anti-Aircraft Tier System.

We've also changed a big deal on how aircraft should work in Rise of the Reds 1.0 SWR Edition. In this mod Jet Aircraft will

have better survivability due to this change. Allow us to explain:

Tier 1:

AA Infantry, Low Tier AA vehicle (Tunguska, Gattling Tank & Avenger). These units will be more effective against Helicopters

and Helicopter Gunships. They are able to hit Fighters and Jets but are not as effective.

Tier 2:

Heavy Anti-Air Vehicles. We've included new Anti Air units, these units are bigger and are able to take down aircraft quicker

than Tier 1 units can. Units of this caliber are the Grumble, Chapparal and Twin-Fang Flak Crawler. These units are meant to

take down Fighters and Bombers with ease, can take down helicopters but are not as effective due to the ammunition limits

these units carry. Each of these units have a limited amount of salvos, after each salvo is shot, the unit must spend time reloading.

With this a smart player would spam helicopters and send them towards your unit where it would not be able to take them out

effectively. They can however annihilate Fighters and Jets with one or two shots, they also have incredible splash damage.

Finally Tier 3:

Self explanatory, Fighter Jets that can engage other aircraft are your best counter against these units.

This sums up the new Anti-Aircraft Tier system. This will allow for more interesting gameplay from what you knew from Zero

Hour, making aircraft deadlier and helicopters a vital role in strategy.

New Maps: We have added a plentiful amount of maps to ROTR themed around the storyline. We will add more maps as patches will

become available shortly after the release. Stay tuned for more information.


We've included new AI for every faction in Rise of the Reds, the Russians included, so you can fight it out against the computer with a new challenging

level of difficulty. The new Hard Mode has been overhauled and will be a new threat to you with the new units and strategies added to the game.

Players expecting a quick fight against the hard AI are in for a nasty surprise!

This sums up this version of ROTR 1.0 SWR Edition. We hope you will enjoy it as we have and stay tuned for more information

on the next version as we continue to develop it!

Thanks again and stay safe!

~SWR Team


*****List of Content in this Package*****


ROTR_Beta.exe - Installation file

Manual.rtf - Contains a full explanation on how to install the mod and how to use the launcher

Readme.txt - The file you're reading right now


*****Installing and Uninstalling*****







**SWR/ROTR Production Team**

The_Hunter - Leader, Modeler, Texture Artist, 2D Artist, Sound Designer, Coder

Comr4de - Co-Leader, Modeler, Texture Artist, 2D Artist, Concept Artist, Mapper

AaronAsh - Co-Leader, Modeler, Texture Artist, 2D Artist, Concept Artist

Rade Jovanovic - Modeler, Texture Artist, AI Scripter

Mylo - Modeler, Texture Artist

Nem - Mapper, Particle Expert

Overdose - Lore and Descriptions

**SWR/ROTR Contributors, Former Staff and Beta Testers**

Mathias - Sound Designer

Blck - Mapper

Freedom fighter - Modeler

ScreamingCricket - Modeler, Texture Artist

Alphaton - Modeler, Texture Artist

Coolfile - Modeler, Animator

Red Army - Original founder, Mod leader

Nipthecat - Mapper

Liberator - Mod leader, Coder, AI Scripter

DDXT301 - Texture Artist

Krit - Modeler

Creator - Modeler, AI Scripter, Texture Artist

Grazor - Mod leader, Coder, Modeler, Animator

Liamh - Texture Artist, 2D Artists

Hostile - Website Coding, Web Master

Thierry - Beta Testing, Website Coding

Alias - Beta Testing, Texture Artist

Thierry - Beta Testing, Modeler

Dauth - Beta Testing, Lore and Descriptions

NidMeister - Beta Testing, Mapper

Revan - Beta Testing, Mapper

E.V.E. - Beta Testing

Stinger - Beta Testing

Vidar - Beta Testing

CommanderJB - Beta Testing

Lizzie - Beta Testing

Pav3d - Beta Testing

wi-ta - Beta Testing

The Dr - Beta Testing

Waris - Beta Testing

Rayburn - Beta Testing

Razven - Beta Testing

(If I forgot to mention anybody contact us ASAP and you will be added in the list!)

And special thanks to all the other people that supported and helped this mod!

That will be all drop a line at our forums ( and enjoy the mod.

~SWR / ROTR Production Team

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