Siege of Avalon: Chapter 1 Demo

Siege of Avalon™ is a real-time "Traditional" medieval...

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  • Program by Digital Tome LP

Siege of Avalon: Chapter 1 Demo

Siege of Avalon™ is a real-time "Traditional" medieval fantasy Role-Playing Game distributed as an Episodic Computer Game Novel™ by Digital Tome. For PC/Windows only.

Siege of Avalon is a "traditional" medieval fantasy RPG with real-time combat. The player is a young human male who just arrived on the scene at the culmination of a 12-year-long war. His skills and specialized capabilities will evolve throughout the game as the player decides, instead of being fixed by a "class" or "race" selection at the start of the game. Siege is a single-player game, with various Party members (as you advance to later game Chapters) who can be added and dropped from the Party throughout the game. The Player can "assume full control" of any Party member at will.

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Siege of Avalon Demo

Seige of Avalon is a "traditional" medieval fantasy RPG in...

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