Far Cry Single-Player Demo

Far Cry is a highly-anticipated tactical,...

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  • Program by Ubisoft & Crytek Studios

Far Cry Single-Player Demo

Far Cry is a highly-anticipated tactical, first-person-perspective action game set in a tropical paradise. The CryEngine will not only deliver the stunning graphics and ultra realistic physics, but it will also allow the implementation of ground breaking gameplay mechanisms such as spectacularly detailed long-distance combat, realistically deformable terrain, and intense pitched firefights with multiple enemy squad members.


Far Cry is a tactical, first-person-perspective action game set in a tropical paradise.

During play you will be informed of the story and objectives by occasional video sequences, and

prompts on the head up display (HUD).


Jack Carver has left his mysterious and bitter past behind and dropped out of society to run a boat

charter business in the South Pacific. He is hired by Valerie Cortez to take her secretly to an

uncharted island in Micronesia. After Val is safely delivered to the island, Jack's boat is suddenly

attacked and Jack escapes. Thousands of miles from nowhere, with his only friend lost somewhere in

the depths of an uncharted jungle, he must find his way back to civilization.

- Main characters (not all seen in the demo)

Jack Carver: A charter boat captain in the South Pacific, Jack has been hired to take Val to an

uncharted island in Micronesia, ostensibly to take pictures of the little known Japanese WWII ruins


Valerie Cortez: An American photo-journalist working for Exotic Travel magazine, Val seems a bit too

professional for your run-of-the-mill freelance photographer.

Harlan Doyle: Jack's main contact on the island once the mystery begins. He seems to know a lot

about what is going on, but is none too eager to reveal his own identity.

George Wilhelm Krieger: Ex World Health Organization scientist, who disappeared some 5 years ago

under mysterious circumstances surrounding his controversial genetics research.

Col. Richard Crow: Soldier of Fortune of unknown origin. Head of a mercenary force which protects

Dr. Krieger's island installation

Mercenaries: Hired goons and killers. Scum of the earth. Trained killers, they aren't paid to ask




Campaign: Click here to start the demo

Options: Click here to choose options

Quit: Click here to quit the game.


-Game Options

(This is disabled in the DEMO version – clicking on these has no meaning)

-Video Options

Changing default video settings may improve the performance of the game at the cost of visual

appeal. By default all settings are set to match capabilities of recommended spec machines. The first

time you start the game it will automatically open the options menu to ensure that you configure the

game properly. Click 'Video' on the options menu to access these options.

- Sound Options

Adjust sound options here

-Control Options

Click 'Control settings' to list all controls and current bindings. The controlled action is listed on the

left, with the action's context in brackets behind it.

To change a control, double-click the table entry for the control and, when prompted, press the new

key for the selected control. See the appendix for a full list of the play controls and default bindings.


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