The Opera: Release v1.2 (Manual Install)

This is a fantastic Half-Life modification in likeness to...

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The Opera: Release v1.2 (Manual Install)

This is a fantastic Half-Life modification in likeness to the Hong Kong Blood Opera style movies. With John Woo style gameplay, fast action and memorable movements that will save your life, this is a duel, not a simple fragfest. This is the manual .zip install that you unzip to your Half-Life directory.


- Fixed a grotesque amount of bugs.

- New custom built installer.

- Almost all new maps ("op_lms_penthouse" remains from the original release).

- Some new weapon skins (don't remember which ones are new right now).

- "Discipline of Force" removed.

- Added in game command menu, selectable by the "PgDn" key by default or the

"commandmenu" command.

- Modified particle engine for smoke effects.

- Added Beta of statistical tracking (

If you have any unexplained server-side crashes, start by deleting

"dlls/opera_stats.dll" to be safe; the game can run without it.

- Tweaked weapon damages. We feel they are more balanced now.

- Client-side roll effect.

- Fixed Opera Launcher, but still isn't an exact science.

- Custom entity creation for any map. See "map_entities/entity_readme.txt" for


- Customizeable client-side weapon names. Useful for those that use custom

model replacements. You can change the displayed name in the HUD client-side

by carefully modifying the text file "weapon_info.txt".

- Added moderate support for HLTV. It functions, so to speak, but it isn't an

exact science either. Also, because of time constraints only three or four of

the overview files have been created (if you are willing to create the rest

of the necessary overview files, please do so and EMail them to

[email protected]. If they work, we'll provide a download link for them).

- New map cycle options; see "mapcycle.txt"

- Removed cash awards for winning a match; winning rounds is now more

important overall.

- Added "sv_wpn_ramdonized" option for randomized weapons in "Dueling

Berettas" mode:

sv_wpn_randomized means this:

0, berettas only

1: Random Akimbo, players equal

2: Random Akimbo, players differ

3: Random pistol (includes single pistols, like the DE.50),

players equal

4: Random pistol (includes single pistols, like the DE.50),

players differ

- WinAmp interface (USE AT OWN RISK):

"w_launch": Launch WinAmp

"w_close": Close WinAmp

"w_prev" / "W_next": Previous/next song

"w_play": Play

"w_pause": Pause

"w_stop": Stop

- MP3 Player interface (REALLY USE AT OWN RISK - only recommended for high

end machines; low end machines will stutter):


": Load WinAmp formatted play list

"mp3_play": Play

"mp3_prev" / "mp3_next": Previous/next song

"mp3_stop": Stop

"mp3_randomize": Begin song randomization

"mp3_unrandomize": End song randomization

"+music": Display current song information

- Added "developer mode" to add mookmatch entities and spawnpoints to any

map. Initialiez by

setting "sv_design" to "1":

"_ent_mook": Add mook spawnpoint at player location

"_ent_spawnpoint": Add player spawnpoint

"_ent_save": Save entity list to "map_entiites/

.txt" file.

Will OVERWRITE pre-existing file!

- Added "mp_mookdifficulty" to define mook level of difficulty. The higher the

number, the (1) more bullets they take to kill, and (2) the mre damage they


- Other stuff...


- There are reports of crashes due to "fast model switching". I personally

haven't been able to reproduce, but other testers have. Use caution when

switching models in game.

- There are reports of the third person player view having problems with some

prop entities. I don't believe it's a crashing issue, but an issue


- The MP3 player has been rolled in to the client-side engine, but still

suffers from performance degradation on low end machines. If it doesn't work,

don't use it.

- The server-side statistics engine hasn't been 100% tested. If there are

unexplained server-side crashes, delete or rename the "dlls/opera_stats.dll"

and see how it goes.

- Still some obscure issues with player rotation when it comes to players

entering/exiting the game. To be quite honest, to fix this would ave involved

the THIRD rewrite of the round handling code, and that's not something we've

been willing to do for "Release One".

- There may be other issues I'm not aware of.


If you discover any issues and, preferably, know a way around them, please

contact: [email protected]


Opera file CRCs:

To check the files, download the following files:


- Drag/drop the file over to this executable


- Pass the file to check in as a parameter to the "op_validate"



File: Opera_v120.exe

Bytes read: 101987362

CRC Check: E05D607B


Bytes read: 96986560

CRC Check: 5D85D6AA

File: opera_v120.tar.gz

Bytes read: 85726749

CRC Check: 61C78F94


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