Threewave CTF v1.6 [Full]

Threewave CaptureStrike is a fast paced blend of Capture the...

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  • Program by Threewave Productions

Threewave CTF v1.6 [Full]

Threewave CaptureStrike is a fast paced blend of Capture the Flag, Rocket Arena, and CounterStrike. Look below for all the updates from the previous versions!

Threewave 1.6



- added cg_pmFixes which defaults to disabled (0), enabling this (1)

will make the prediction and movement more "OSP/CPMA-like" like in 3w 1.5

- added adm_gotoportal, permits admins to send the server back to the portal

- added g_lithium and g_runes to callvoting

- added cg_nochatbeep, works same as OSP`

- hud now shows location of dropped flags (except when flag is dropped with the drop command)

- added system to respawn flags if they ever go missing for more than 5 seconds

- added g_specLaggedClients to send people who 999 for more than "g_specLaggedClients" seconds to spectator

(the cvar specifies the number of seconds someone may remain 999, default is 10 seconds)

- added cg_drawSpeed, like cpma/osp


- reduced player score sorting so that skill calculation doesnt slow down

the server

- if you have memory problems, like getting stuck at "Awaiting snapshot" and you cant

afford more memory, you can disable voice chats, which will free around 10 megs of ram

by setting cg_noVoiceChats 0 (note: using the shortcut that gets added to your desktop

when you use the exe Windows install, to start threewave may also help with this problem)

- draw attacker has been put back in


- fixed gametype callvoting not working

- fixed coaching in ctfs/arena

- fixed unlockteams not working while paused in matchmode

- fixed g_keepteams settings fuxing up matchmode restarts

- fixed possible deleting of white flag in 1flag while paused

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