Spider-Man Movie v1.3 patch

This patch will update your copy of Spider-Man: The Movie to...

Spider-Man Movie v1.3 patch

This patch will update your copy of Spider-Man: The Movie to version 1.3. See more information for details about the changes and fixes.

Version 1.3 Changes:

Fixed an issue that resulted in the Training missions not working properly with certain Pentium 4 processors.

Fixed an issue that prevented digital controllers with less than 8 buttons from working properly.

Version 1.1 Changes:

Removed a menu item in the Secret Store for a cheat that could not be unlocked.


Fixed a number of sound issues where ambient sounds would repeat throughout a level at high volume.

Fixed the Movie Volume slider so that it properly adjusted movie sound levels.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Chemical Chaos level from being completed if Dr. Rue was web-yanked before the cut-scene.

Fixed a problem with the menus when switching from high resolution to a lower resolution.

Fixed an issue with rebinding the mouse buttons.

Fixed the Invert Camera function so that it works properly with mouse control.

Fixed a problem with collision on the Mary Jane balloon in Coup d'Etat.

Changed the "Web Modifier" text in the shell to "Web Combo" so it accurately reflected the tutorial narration.

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