Galactic Command Echo Squad SE Demo

Many years have passed since the Gammulans invaded, leaving...

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Galactic Command Echo Squad SE Demo

Many years have passed since the Gammulans invaded, leaving civilization completely devastated. In their wake, they left a splintered Galactic Command (GALCOM) alliance still engaged in a fierce battle with insurgents who oppose the alliance. Stretched to the limit Galactic Command scientists developed a new space craft that is lighter, faster and more powerful than any before it...

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An episodic series in the Galactic Command franchise, Echo Squad is a series of aerial/space action combat titles based on the adventures of a group of Elite Force pilots assigned to the Excalibur carrier. Players can engage in combat with a full range of human pilots thanks to a multiplayer mode that supports up to sixteen players in a particular mission, battling across the cosmos in deathmatch and team deathmatch combat as well as co-op modes. Each episode has you commanding a different fighter wing.

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