HkEndor is a small map with lots of action, refer to the...


HkEndor is a small map with lots of action, refer to the readme for more details.

HkEndor -=A Non-Official Map For the Modification Galatic Conquest=-



1. Introduction.

a. Installation.

b. FAQ.

c. Disclaimer.

d. Credits.

e. Known Bugs

1. HkEndor is a small map with 3 capture points, the map is set for Conquest BUT runs like a TDM Conquest cross breed, if you capture the middle

base, no one will lose tickets BUT you can spawn in the middle base. If you happen to capture all 3 bases, the other team's tickets will rapidly fall until

the remaining forces capture a base, if you eleminate the remaining forces the tickets will drop like a rock and you will win. The map is a small map, has no aircraft

but does Have Walkers and Turrets, the map is small enough so there will be some tight firefights with lasers going left and right.

A. Installation.

To install this map, take HkEndor.rfa and extract it to your Galatic Conquest's map directory, EXAMPLE:


Installation is a breeze, once you have the map in the folder, fire up BF1942, load GC and either join a game that has my map running

or create your own server with the map.


1. Does this map support SP?

A. No.

2. Isnt GC gonna release an Endor Map?

A. Yes I believe so.

3. Then why did you make this map?

A. Because the GC mod community is crying out for a new map.

4. Why make this map?

A. I made this map for two reasons, 1. Was because we need a new map in GC, 2. Was because the map Hoth is so big, that all the

action is spread to far out, it's fun to play but all it turns out is a Snow Speeders VS Tie Fighter war with maybe six foot soldiers

on each side running around, after a while that gets boring.

5. Are there any secrets, easter eggs on this map?

A. Yes one or two.

6. Will you tell us what they are, where they are and how I can get to them?

A. No, No and no.

7. Will you ever tell us?

A. Probally not ;)

C. Disclaimer.

I, HkSniper am not responsible if this map happens to cause A. Harm to your Machine (Which it should not anyways, dont know why but if it does it was probally an error

on your side ;) ) B. Harm to your Galatic Conquest Mod or C. Harm to Battlefield 1942. This map was made solely for a FREE DOWNLOAD. YOU MAY NOT SELL THIS MAP IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.

This map is also property of ME. You MAY do the following with the map.



You may NOT do the following:


violators caught breaking any of this will have action set onto them.

D. Credits:

Snake101st for giving me some ideas. BF1942 Community for thier support. GC mod for well, making the GC Mod :) And for you for downloading my map, enjoy!

E. Known Bugs:

1. Grey box around trees: Some trees had grey boxes around them in my beta testing stage, I do not think there are trees like that in the map still, but I might of missed one or two of them.

2. AT STs not respawning: I have tried and tried to get these things to respawn, but they do not seem to want to, So use the ATSTs wisely, I am sure that if a base is capture ATSTs will Appear, so each time a base is capture, a new batch of ATSTs will form.

3. No other known bugs but I Might of missed a few, I will be playing in servers with my map, so if you see me in game and found a bug, tell me. My Ingame name is HkSniper.

-=Thanks for downloading my map, I hope you enjoy it! May the Force be with j00 ;) =-

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