Assassin Mark 2

Mark 2 is a single Player episode from MrBunwah, the author...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 2.2 MB
  • Program by Stuart 'MrBunwah' maine

Assassin Mark 2

Mark 2 is a single Player episode from MrBunwah, the author of Chaos Theory (a Planet half-life level of the week).


A 4 level single player episode for Half life.


21 hours ago a top secret government agency sent a team of it's elite

Assassins to a government laboratory on a mission to neutralise all

of the Scientists there.

When the Assassin team exceeded its mission time and failed to report

in, the agency decided to send its lone, experimental Assassin Mark 2

into the laboratory in an attempt to complete the mission.

Your mission objectives will be supplied to you when you enter the

laboratory. If you cannot complete your assigned objectives you will

be expected to terminate yourself.

Good luck.

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