Unreal Tournament 3 - Enhanced Weapons v1.0

Enhanced versions of the stock weapons with a few new weapon

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  • Program by Kaare Dorman

Unreal Tournament 3 - Enhanced Weapons v1.0

Enhanced versions of the stock weapons with a few new weapon classes.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 3:Best New Weapon Set

EnhancedWeapons V-1

Version: Version 1.0

Author: Rumple

Compatibility: UT3 (PC) Patch 5 & Titan pack

Description: Enhanced versions of the stock weapons with a few new weapon classes.

Installation: Drop the MyGames folder into your MyDocuments folder and everything will into the correct directories. If a pop up askes you if you want to overwrite the folders click "YES". It will only overwrite the folders and add the files to your folders.

Placeholder System: Placeholders are "dummy" classes put directly into the map and are replaced with the real classes with the Weapon Replacement Mutator.

Placeholder Classes: PPCPlaceHolder.u, EMPAvrilPlaceHolder.u, & SwarmAvril.u

All Weapons have team colored skins except for the EMP-Avril, Swarm Avril, Scorcher, Link Gun, PPC Cannon, & Redeemer.

Enhanced Plasma Cannon: Fires rapid small plasma with a spread for the primary, & the alt fire shoot a big plasma ball perfectly straight. The Enhanced Plasma Cannon has unlimited ammo.

Enhanced Enforcer: Tweaked damage, new sounds.

Enhanced BioRifle: Does no self damage.

Enhanced Flak Cannon: Fires team colored shards. The center (white) shard will spike people to walls and ceilings. New sounds.

Enhanced LinkGun: New effects & sounds. Tweaked primary damage.

Enhanced ShockRifle: Team colored beams and shock balls. New Sounds. Shock ball has increased vehicle momentum to knock vehicles away from you. Shock beam has a reverse momentum to pull things towards you. Pull players towards you or even pull a Manta to you.

Enhanced RocketLauncher: New explosion effect. New sounds. Explosion shakes screen when rockets hit you or near you.

Enhanced Bio-Stinger: Primary is stock and the alt fire shoots rapid fire bio goo that does no self damage. New sounds.

Enhanced Hyper-Sonic Kinetic Energy Rail Gun: Scoped Rail Gun fires a hyper velocity stinger shard that can spike people to walls. If an enemy player is standing directly behind another and you head shot the one in the front, its possible to hit them both getting a double head shot. New sounds.

Enhanced Redeemer: Flies twice as fast, has twice the damage radius, does 10 times the damage, and makes a huge mushroom cloud. Has the ability to annihilate an entire enemy base. New sounds.

Enhanced EMP-Avril: Does less damage than the stock Avril but has the ability to lock vehicles ejecting the driver. The key is hitting the vehicle in the right place to lock it. If vehicles are close together it can lock multiple vehicles at once. New sounds.

Swarm Avril: Fires 9 mini Avrils at once. It takes a couple seconds to lock on target so its best to fire it straight up then lock on your target. The sound of 9 Avril locks usually scares the enemy out of their vehicles before the swarm ever reaches them even if they're high in a Raptor or Cicada.

PPC Cannon: Alternate Super Weapon. Fires a big green ball of death. Nothing can stop it once fired. Does the same damage and damage radius as the Enhanced Redeemer.

Enhanced Scorcher: Flamethrower primary fires a stream of flaming death towards your enemies. The alt fire charges (like the bio rifle) a blob of molten lava that will kill enemies in one hit.

Use the stock Weapon Replacement Mutator to use these weapons.

Bonus Content: All gametypes Hoverboard with 3 horns and team skins. You can link to other hoverboards (up to 2 links per board).

Titan Mutator for custom weapons: Same as the stock Titan but works with the weapon replacement mutator.

Copyright 2009 Rumple's Labs All Rights Reserved.

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