NiteStuff is a very fun fast paced level that is great to...

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NiteStuff is a very fun fast paced level that is great to play with 6 to 12 players.


Title : N¡testuff

Release Date : March 24, 2000

Filename : CTF-Nitestuff.unr

Author : Çërw¡ñ Végå

Email Address : [email protected]

Web Page : None

Description : Capture The Flag

Other levels by author : Røçkf¡re (Original), Røçk][F¡re,

ßåttle][Ståt¡ons, Iñtergå|åct¡ç Åreñå,


Additional Credits to : NOM (NOMADS) clan for such eager beta



--- Play Information ---

Game : Unreal Tournament

Level Name : N¡testuff

Recommened Players : 4 - 16

Single Player : Yes

Cooperative : Yes

Capture The Flag : Yes

Deathmatch : No

Difficulty Settings : N/A

New Sounds : N/A

New Graphics : 2 Textures

NewUnrealScript : N/A

External DLLs : N/A

Known bugs : None that I know of. Please email upon

finding such.

--- Construction ---

Editor(s) used : UnrealED Beta

Base : New Level

Construction Time : 1 week geometry & bot pathing



Unzip the file you downloaded. Put the nitestuff.unr file in your

Unreal Tournament/Maps directory. Put the CVprOn.utx file in your

Unreal Tournament/Textures directory.

Author's Notes


This levels sole purpose was to provide a small/simple level that is

fast and fun for the website. Not inteneded to win

awards. Although I think it looks pretty darn good. ;}

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network

(internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file

and leave the archive intact.

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