Rules are easy, and your understanding is best confirmed by...

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Rules are easy, and your understanding is best confirmed by trying.

Desdemona Version 1.0.1

Copyright (c) 1998 Rickmer Kose, mindgear (

This is the shareware version of Desdemona 1.0.1 for Palm OS. You

may evaluate Desdemona for 14 days, afterwhich you must register to

continue using it. To find out how you can register, read the

enclosed REGISTER.TXT file. Before registering, please visit the

following web page for the latest information:

------ Installation ------

To install Desdemona 1.0.1 onto your Palm OS device, run the INSTAPP.EXE

program which resides in the same directory as the Palm Desktop conduit

software. This program will allow you to specify a .PRC file which

will be downloaded to the Palm OS device during the next hotsync.

------ Rules ---------

Rules are easy, and your understanding is best confirmed by trying...

Per turn, you have to turn at least one tile into your color. To do this, you have to enclose tiles of the opposite color inbetween the new tile you are placing and the

ones you already have on the board.

"Enclosing" means that you have to have another tile of your color on either a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line from your placed tile. The tiles of opposite color

inbetween your tiles will turn into tiles of your color.

------ Menus -------

New Game:

- starts a new game (and the abandoned game is considered

a loss, as far as the highscores are concerned). This feature does not work in the unregistered version. To start a new game, you need to exit Desdemona (ie start another

application) and restart Desdemona.

Preferences (not available in the unregistered version):

- choose between three game levels: rookie (easiest) to pro (hardest).

- choose your tile color in "Player Color".

- choose the color to start the game.

- "Show hints" will indicate possible moves with little pluses in the

corresponding fields.

- "Pilot autoplay" turned off will make the device wait for you to tap the

screen executing its move.

- "Animate Moves" will animate the flipping of individual tiles.

NB: Choosing OK will not restart the game.

Highscores (not available in the unregistered version):

- displays the nine highest scores so far, including name and level


- displays the rules of the game (see above)


- choose this to enter the unique registration ID you recive after registration. Entering a correct code will instantly give you full access to all options not

available in the unregistered version.

------ Version History -------

1.0 Released 2 Dec 1997

1.0.1 Released 29 April 1998

Worked around a bug in Palm OS 3.0 that led to registration problems on some Palm III.

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