Free Halloween-styled 3D sokoban remake...

  • Category Puzzle
  • Size 4.4 MB
  • Program by Emmanuel ICART


Free Halloween-styled 3D sokoban remake. Includes 30 levels, level editor. OpenGL, Direct3D & software modes available.

Pumpy is a 3D evolution of Sokoban. It includes 30 levels for hours of play,

and an Halloween look and feel. More

than 1 hour of music is included.

This game supports OpenGL, Direct3D and

even non-3D accelerated PC with a software-only mode.

It also includes an exclusive stereoscopic mode that you'll enjoy using your old red/green or red/blue glasses.

Finally, the level editor allows you to

create your own maps (using the tiles

of the game).

Freeware product.

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