This fast action space station map is good for one on one or...


This fast action space station map is good for one on one or battling pairs.

DM - Recall

Level Design: Stephen Cook

Version : UnrealEd 225F

Game Type : Death Match

Design Time : 31 Hours

Engine Type : Unreal



This level is set as part of a space station, with hard fast

and core orintated fragging.

1on1 or 2on2 based level with all new textures, courtesy

of Unreal Tournament, but dont go thinking its any UT style level

its just my fav UT textures used in combination with Unreal textures

with new custom textures for this level only.

This level also plays very well in UT.

look out for the UT map only install soon.



Copy the .unr file to the maps directory

copy the .utx files to the textures directory

Unreal Tournament

copy the .unr file to the maps directory

copy only recal.utx and recal2.utx to the texture directory

(do not copy the uttech,utx file accross)

File Info

DM-Recall.unr (MAP CORE)

UTtech.utx (same package as UT but a cut down version *DO NOT OVERWRITE IN UT TEXTURE DIRECTORY*)

recal.utx (Texture set)

recal2.utx (Texture set) (Full UT Map pack which

contians DOM AND DM versions. totally re engineered for UT

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