This is the one and only Bingo game for PalmOS (classic...

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This is the one and only Bingo game for PalmOS (classic style 5x5 card, B1-O75 numbers).

3DBingo ver. 1.4

– a game that never makes you bored

© Stefan Komilev, 2000, email: [email protected]

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About 3DBingo PROJECT:

3DBingo is not just a new game for Palm Pilot Devices, it is a project.

If the project is realized, you, the users will have at your disposal more than 150 Bingo games at the beginning of 2001, straight into your pocket.

The project “3DBingo” is unique. It's the first effort ever made, not just for PalmOS, but for Windows and MacOS , the Bingo games that are played all over the world to be systematized mathematically.

The Developer of 3DBingo disposes of more than 180 shapes collected within several months.

When you pay the small registration fee , you'll contribute the implementation of the project and it will start on June 1st, 2000. If you buy now 3DBingo, you'll get 50 free bingo games until June 1, 2000, but the whole database can be developed just in case you support it financially.

Find new bingo games at the Palmdepot website.


1. Description

1.1 Updates.( read this chapter!!!)

2. Installation of the program. Beaming the whole 3DBingo application to casual partners. ( read this chapter!!!)

2.1. Installation of new Bingo games

3. Registration of 3DBingo licensed copy. Future updates of the Game database.

3.1. Tips for unregistered users.

4. 2P game- a game for 1 for 2 participants with one Palm Pilot

4.1. The Control Screen (Figure 1)

4.2. The active and passive players. How to set up the game for 0,1,2 players.

4.2. The Game Screen. (Figure 2).

5. IR game- a game for 2- 20 participants, everyone with his own Palm Pilot

5.1. The game report.

5.2. If the time synchronization of Bingo calls is off

6. Memory restrictions. Known bugs.

7. Copyright note.

Appendix: List of the bingo games, supplied with this version of 3DBingo.

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