Stanford on the park

Tired of work, stress, misery? If you are, come to Stanford...

Stanford on the park

Tired of work, stress, misery? If you are, come to Stanford on the Park, a 5 star resort featuring a combination of retro design, classical, and country. Feast your eyes on the all time famous Bartoque Gallery, featuring original paintings from Picasso, Michael Angelo and more! Stanford on the park gives you 4 bedrooms, with a choice of the Boutique Suites, featuring, 2 queen sized beds, a fireplace, two sofas, marble bathroom or the Cinemax Suites, featuring 2 queen sized beds, 1 home theatre set, 1 loveseat and a marble bathroom. Not only that, stanford on the park offers you a beautiful park in the middle that can easily be replaced with a swimming pool, a carnival, etc. It also offers you a 5 star restaurant, a dancing room, theatre, arcade, casino, shopping mall and all you could imagine. Stanford on the Park, quality, elegance, and style.

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