PC Spy

Secretly monitor what is being viewed on your pc while you...

PC Spy

Secretly monitor what is being viewed on your pc while you are away.

Secretly monitor what is being viewed on your computer while you are away. This software allows you to capture and save screen images while you are away from your computer, showing you exactly what was being viewed on your computer at specific intervals. All screens can be captured, including chat windows, email windows, webpages, and anything else shown on the monitor at specific intervals. PC Spy runs completely hidden in the background, and all captured screenshots are only viewable with the PC Spy software. You simply select activate and how often to capture the screenshots, and the software will begin working without any notice to the user. You can also set a start-time if you wish for the software to begin during a later time, and there is even a picture compression level to set which allows you to save disk space on captured screens. This software is stand alone and runs in memory, so it can be run from a diskette, leaving no trace of the software on the computer for anyone to get suspicious. (Runs on all Windows systems).

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