Quake 1 Maps Pack for Elite Force

This bonus pak includes 8 levels from Quake 1, converted for...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 7.1 MB
  • Program by PingSlavE and BerneyBoy

Quake 1 Maps Pack for Elite Force

This bonus pak includes 8 levels from Quake 1, converted for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.

This pak includes 8 levels from Quake1, converted for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Title : Quake1 Pak for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Release Date : 8th Nov. 2000, for Elite Force version

Filename : (8 maps and textures)

Authors : Quake 1 (c) of Id Software Inc, and author of the Quake 1

Conversions in Quake 3 Arena: PingSlavE ([email protected])

BerneyBoy made conversion from Q1 & Q3 to Elite Force.

All 8 maps in Pack : q1dm0 - Introduction

q1dm1 - Place of Two Deaths

q1dm2 - Claustrophobopolis

q1dm3 - Abandoned Base

q1dm4 - Bad Place

q1dm5 - Cistern

q1dm6 - Dark Zone

q1_e1m7 - House of Chthon


Note : Im not author of the Quake1 map, only converded for Q1 & Q3 to EF.

: This Pack is not remake, is conversion from original Quake 1 map.

Thank you for downloading our Quake1 Maps for Elite Force.

: I convert a map from Quake 1 to Elite Force. There is absolutely

no commercial interests into this. This was meant, as the Internet

phisolophy, to share the enjoying of playing games with nice maps.

Remember that all of the levels and textures in Quake 1 remain

property of id Software. You may not commercial distribute this

pack file, because it contains textures, which are property of ID.

Known Bugs : None. Please notify me if you find anything.

Email : [email protected]

Special Thanks : Many thanks to USAGeorge and DanyBoy911, my BetaTester.


Instructions: Unzip into the baseEF directory of your Elite Force folder.

This will install Quake1.pk3 into your baseEF folder.

Please make sure the file Quake1.pk3 is in the baseEF folder in your

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force installation folder.

In order to use this addon after installation, go to the multiplayer

portion of the game and either join a server with one of the above

listed maps, or start a new one using the Create server option.

After, to make auto run all map, use cfg file include, just type

"exec quake1" in console, this results in a 8 Quake 1 maps rotation.

* Play Information *

Free For All DM : YES

Team DM : YES

Capture The Flag : NO

Bot Support : YES


* Legal Stuff *

You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial

product without permission from the authors. You may not mass distribute

this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to

compact disks, and floppy disks.

Quake 1 (c) of Id Software Inc

Star Trek and USS Voyager are trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corporation.


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