Shadowman Demo

Gather up your Voodoo powers and get ready to fight to...

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Shadowman Demo

Gather up your Voodoo powers and get ready to fight to uncover the mysteries of Deadside! You play as dead guy Mike LeRo, who wields various Voodoo weaponry in his quest to find Voodoo artifacts ranging from ears to nail clippings. No, really.


NOTE: Please check for patches and upgrades.


Shadow Man




* Supported chipsets

* Minimum CPU speeds

* Minimum memory requirements

* Video card drivers must be installed

* DirectX 6.1 (or later) must be installed

* Drive space

* DirectX Initialization Failure

* Improving Game Performance



You may experience difficulties running Shadowman if you don't have

the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your 3D accelerator

card. Drivers were being changed right up to the last minute as

testing with Shadowman revealed problems with various card drivers.

Typically, the chipset makers expect you to go to your card

manufacturer for the latest drivers for their card. Although

the chipset makers supply the 3D chip and driver software to

card manufacturers, the manufacturer may tailor the driver to

their particular board configuration, so the safest place to go

for drivers for your board is the card manufacturer. In some

cases, however, the chip maker also manufacturers the board.

The following is list of web site addresses from which you can

obtain the latest drivers. If Shadowman has problems running under the drivers

you installed with your card, contact your card manufacturer for

the latest version.


3dfx Interactive Inc

ATI Technologies


Creative Labs

Deltron Technology

Diamond Mulitmedia



Intergraph Computer Sys

Jazz Multimedia



miro Computer products

Number Nine


Orchid Technology



Sierra On-line

STB Systems


Video Logic

Supported chipsets


Usually, but not always, if a board is based on one of the

following chipsets, Shadowman will run on it.

3dfx Interactive Voodoo Graphics

3dfx Interactive Voodoo 2

3dfx Interactive Voodoo Banshee

3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3

3D labs Permedia 2

ATI Technologies 3D Rage Pro

ATI Technologies Rage 128

Intel 1740

NVIDIA Riva 128


Matrox G100/G200

Matrox G400

Rendition Verite v2100

Rendition Verite v2200

S3 Savage 3D

Minimum CPU speeds


Pentium 166 with a 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics card or equivalent.

Minimum memory requirements


32 Megs of memory

Video card drivers must be installed


Drivers for your 3D graphics card must be installed prior to

running Shadowman. You typically do this when you first install the

card. If you haven't installed the drivers, a message to the

effect that no hardware accelerator cards or drivers were found

will appear when you start Shadowman.

DirectX 6.1 (or later) must be installed


Direct X 6.1 is installed as a normal part of the Shadowman

installation process if not present.

Drive space


In addition to the drive space required to install the game, Shadowman requests up to

60 MB of virtual memory from Windows during gameplay. Depending upon how much RAM

you have, Windows may need to increase the size of your swap

file to accommodate this request (this usually happens

automatically). If you have another drive or partition more free space,

you could try installing Shadwoman there instead of the default location on C:

(where your swap file probably is). This will free up space on C:, allowing

your swap file to grow larger, and, hopefully, Shadowman to run.


Full Installation = 620 MB

Meduim Installation = 329 MB

Small Installation = 20 MB

DirectX Initialization Failure


If the game fails to Initialize DirectX, it will display an error message as follows:

Not enough video memory

The video card does not have enough memory to support this configuration.

Try reducing the screen resolution in the Shadowman Configuration Screen and ensure

that Triple Buffering is disabled in the Advanced Configuration Screen.

Not enough system memory

Ensure that there is enough virtual memory available (see 'Drive space' above).

Incorrect DirectX version

Shadowman requires DirectX 6.1 (or later) to run. You will need to reboot your

machine after installing DirectX for Shadowman to run.

Unknown error

This is probably a video card driver problem (see IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE, READ THIS above).

Improving Game Performance


Other Windows applications left running while playing Shadowman

could be using system resources that would improve the game's


Close other applications

Other Windows applications left running while playing Shadowman

could be using system resources that would improve the game's


Reduce detail settings

If the game speed is generally good but slows down in certain places try using low

detail settings. These can be found in the Options screen and include shirt dynamics,

sky detail, shadow detail and procedural textures.

Reduce Graphics Mode

If the game runs at a continually slow speed, try reducing the screen resolution

or changing to a 16-bit display mode in the Shadowman Setup screen.

Also, ensure 'Use HQ Textures' is not selected in the Advanced configuartion screen.

Selecting triple buffering, if your card supports it, will generally increase

the smoothness of gameplay.

NVIDIA Riva 128

If you experience blocky transparency effects with this video card.

Ensure that 'Iterated Vertex Alpha' is not enabled in the Direct 3D video settings.

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