X-Tension Update v1.0 - v2.1 (German)

This is the latest version available for you X-Tension game...

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X-Tension Update v1.0 - v2.1 (German)

This is the latest version available for you X-Tension game. See more info on the tons of additions and fixes that come along with this patch.

All player property is marked green in the all menus.

Objects (Ships, Stations etc.) are sorted by name and type in menus.

An exciting new mission awaits every friend of the paranids!

TL type ships (large transporters) can now be sold.

Your fighting rank now goes up no matter what sector you are in and no matter if you have a police license or not.

Sector and Station defence ships now also defend one another.

Pirate stations now produce ships in cycles, much like shipyards.

You now get additional information about your notoriety with the Goner. Also your start notoriety with the Goner is better now, so that shooting at a single Goner ship won't stop you from landing at their temple immediately.

The trade ranking is now also affected by your factories' activities.

All big ships including TL transporters, M1 carrier and M2 destroyer of ALL races (optionally also including the Xenon) are now rebuilt if they are destroyed! However, when loading an old save game, only a few missing TL transporters are built to make up for eventually missing ships. Potentially this can lead to Xenon destroyer or carrier ships flying from a Xenon shipyard through other races' territories.

When manually entering text into the log, you can now also use ',' '.' and '!'.

Stations send out defence ships only when these ships do have lasers installed and they do not currently have a command such as "get ware for best price".

When shooting at a NPC ship, your notoriety is affected less than before. Only if you destroy NPC ships, your notoriety is deducted more.

The command "Get ware for best price" has been improved. Now ships also take the amount of resource types into account when ordering.

Memory management (fastmem) has been changed in XT 2.1! Many systems should get a better performance because of the new change. However, in some cases the game might consume slightly more memory than before. If this occurs, you can turn off the new memory management with the command line option "-nofastmem". This can be done using a system shortcut or by calling the game from the command line:

X-Tension.exe -nofastmem

The TL docking bug of X-TENSION 2.0 has been fixed. Many other minor bugs are also fixed. This docking bug could lead to TL transporters not docking at a shipyard under certain special circumstancesafter you commanded them to.

An issue with the latest version of NVIDIA drivers has been fixed so that X-tension 2.1 should now work fine with all versions of NVIDIA graphic card drivers. - Player logos were sometimes displayed with incorrect colours in X-tension 2.0. This has been fixed.

Save games of older Versions are now compressed when loading them for the first time. We suggest loading all save games once and saving them again immediately. Then quit X-tension and restart the game.

And many other smaller new features...

One remaining issue of X-tension's voice output in combination with Direct X 8.0 can unfortunately not be fixed in the EXE. The game can sometimes disturb all spoken sentences by a few milliseconds in affect cutting off parts of words from the beginning and the end of sentences. This only happens since version 8.0 of Direct X! Microsoft has told us that this will probably be fixed with the release of Direct X 8.1! So for the moment the only solution we can offer is the suggestion to stay with older versions of Direct X (the X-TENSION installation will install Direct X 6 if no newer version is already present).

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