Kyle's Quests are fun involved games and a must for any role...

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Kyle's Quests are fun involved games and a must for any role player.


Title : Davilion

Release Date : 10/30/98

Version : 1.00

Author : K. Axel Self

Email : [email protected]



The King has called for the best warrior in the lands to come

and be his Champion. Kyle, feeling more than up to the task

answers the call, only to find out that it is not so simple.

The new Champion must first prove himself by completing

certain missions for the King. Along the way, Kyle begins to

uncover a deeper evil.




None discovered yet. Give it time, though, human fallibility

must be in there somewhere. If you find a problem, I would

appreciate a quick note.


Well-rounded characters work best (very high strength doesn't

do you any good if you don't have enough agility to hit

anything). Save often and good luck.


Thanks first to my wife for putting up with being a "computer

widow" while I was working on this. Of course, it was her idea

to try and get it in by the Oct. 31 contest deadline. Thanks also

to Kyle for an enjoyable game with so much playablity.


I'll appologize right off for the gender specificity of this level.

I originally did not intend to distribute this level, it was more

of a learning tool for me, so I'd have a foundation when I went to

make a level that kicked. That said.......let's play!


Legal Junk


(c) 1998 Kenneth A. Self. All rights reserved.

This level may be distributed only via the internet for no charge

whatsoever to the recipient provided this text file is included and

neither files are altered.

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