Blackout Cheater

Cheat for the palm game blackout...

Blackout Cheater

Cheat for the palm game blackout.

Blackout Cheater

This program is extremely simple to use. It is also quite fast -- instead of trying a "brute force" method (which is painfully slow), this uses a "top down" method. Source code is included if you are inclined to poke around with it. I even wrote a version specifically for PocketC (which is included). These programs only work on the semi-standard style of Blackout (where if you toggle a square, the tiles north, south, west, and east are also toggled). These versions do not work on games where toggling is in a different pattern, nor do they work for boards which have a wrap-around effect when you toggle a square near an edge. If you want a custom version like that, either code it up yourself, or you might be able to convince me to do it.

This software is freeware, but I do not take any responsibility for anything that happens if you use it. You may not sell this in any way (even if it is just a "media charge"). It must be distributed as freeware. The code is released under GPL 2.0 or later.

[BCheater.pdb] To use the PocketC version, install the .prc file to your Palm Pilot, make sure you have PocketC or at least the PocketC Runtime, and then simply execute it. You will wind up with a screen which says "Select Squares" near the top, a large black box, and a smaller black box. You simply tap on the large black box to select which tiles you need to change, then tap on the small black box, which will start the process. It takes roughly one to three minutes to run through all of the possible solutions, and the title of the screen will say "Working x/32", where X is a number from 1 to 32. When done, view the output from the program. You should see a lot of exclamation points and periods. For each solution, an exclamation point indicates where you should toggle the board, a period for where you shouldn't. Not really pretty, but it gets the job done.



Fast (well, considering it is written in PocketC)



Not as fast as other version, nor as fast as it could be if I wrote it for the Palm Pilot without using PocketC.

Board size must be 5 by 5 (ideal for the "Blackout" and "5x5" games at Ray's PalmCentral Archive.

[cheater.c] To use the "normal" version, you need to first compile it. Usually "gcc -o cheater cheater.c" will work for you. If not, then hopefully you can figure it out. If you can't, try the Windows cheating program (not coded by me) available at Ray's PalmCentral Archive. After you have it compiled, you simply run it. It will give you poor excuses of text prompts for information, such as board width and height. After you input all of the required information, it will quickly scan all the possible solutions for you, and give you a little chart as output. This display is similar to the one for the Palm Pilot. A hash mark means you should make a move there, a period indicates the opposite.



Extremely fast

Platform independant

Virtually any board size is possible


Not portable (can't go with you in your pocket)

The most recent Blackout Cheater can be downloaded through the web and the newest documentation can be found through the index.

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