Streets of Rage Remake (WinXP/Free Game)

Thi is for Windows XP users only...

Streets of Rage Remake (WinXP/Free Game)

Thi is for Windows XP users only. If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, you can download the game


Streets of Rage Remake features a selection of six playable characters spanning the entire series. It's also possible to choose a partner controlled by the CPU if you can't get hold of a friend to join the mayhem. All the moves have been retained with several new additions. Anyone who loved the original won't be disappointed with this effort.

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Top 3 Streets of Rage Remake (WinXP/Free Game) Alternatives

Streets of Rage Remake (Win7/Vista) (Free Game)

This is for Windows 7 and Vista users only, Windows XP users...

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Free

Popular sequel in the GTA driver series

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