Azuria - Arena 01

A small on foot, flooded arena where the action never stops...

  • Category First Person
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  • Program by Shinji[tEs]

Azuria - Arena 01

A small on foot, flooded arena where the action never stops. Fight on the platform, or underwater!


Game : Shogo : Mobile Armor Division

Mode : Deathmatch [On foot]

Number of Players : 2 - 3 (or 4...)

Build time : 0.32 minutes

'Story' : None...Couldn't even bs one...

Thanks to :

Sho, Dark Templar, and Chris Hedgeberg at the

Planet Shogo forums for helping me out when

the level went all crazy on me.

Play testers :





Shinji's comments :

This is my first map for Shogo, where I took some

time to familiarize myself with making brushes, and texturing.

That's not to say the level is ugly...I actually think the level

looks pretty (in a dark way), and fun to play.

As for the map itself, it's a small arena-type map. Weapons

are scattered about. Heavy use of blue lighting and textures here.

Anyway, I'll probably do more 'Azuria' type maps in the future.

I added a screen shot of the level too...Just for fun.

- 06/01/00


- Carlo Carlet / Shinji[tEs]

I dedicate this to Amanda,

aka Misato from [tEs]

-=The Extermination Squad=-



Legal stuff


You may distribute this level as long as you keep both

the .DAT file and this .txt file together and as long

as it is distributed for free.

If you want to put this on a CD and sell it, please

contact me first. I'd just like to know how far this

thing went. (I'd also feel quite flattered ^_^)

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