Fear and Loathing in Castle Arena

A Phoenix Bow Arena!...

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Fear and Loathing in Castle Arena

A Phoenix Bow Arena!

January 25, 1999


Map Name : Fear and Loathing in Castle Arena

Filename(s) : wpbowa1.bsp (playable level)

- (Edit it ta hell! - give me some credit though.)

- wpbowa1.qkm (the QuArK map file! If you have QuArk

you can edit the map easily with this file!)

Description : A Phoenix Bow Arena!(It works for the demo too)


(Josh Gallagher)

E-mail : [email protected]

Bugs/Problems : I will fix any - let me know of em.

Installation : 1) Unzip the .BSP file into \Heretic II\Base\maps\


Play Information


Single Player : No

Difficulty Settings: No

Cooperative : No

Deathmatch : YES (6 DM spawnpoints). 2-10 players recommended

Shrines :5 Shrines - 1health - 1random -1armour -2reflection

Items: :Phoenix bows! ammo for the pbows - some health

- teleport spell

- ring of repulsion

- some manna

Secrets :There are 4 breakable brushes - have fun finding them

:they hide a few goodies and a random teleporter



Base : Level from scratch

Editor(s) used : QuArK 5.3 - the best damn editor!

Build Time : About 14 hours combined time

Compile Time : Don't really know - about 9.5 minutes on a P133 with 32megs ram

Copyright / Permissions


Heretic II is a registered trademark of [theabsolutelybrilliantgamedevelopers]

Raven Software. Credit also to id Software for the Quake II engine technology

and Activision, Inc.

You may distribute this .BSP freely, provided you include this .txt

file and leave the archive intact. You MAY use this level for any

other purpose other than to play multiplayer Heretic II (deathmatch). Yes, YOU MAY

addon to this level, but if you do lemme see it too!

If this file adversely affects your, or anyone else's computer system,

I do not accept liability either in negligence or any other type.

You have voluntarily accepted any risks of damage that may result

from their use. Any loss you suffer from these efects is non-

recoverable from me, and this includes financial, economic, or

consequential loss.



Ancient1: I used his txt file (which was also used by TEW)

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