Deus Ex (Happy Planet Mix)

A more happy and uplifting version of the Deus Ex theme...

Deus Ex (Happy Planet Mix)

A more happy and uplifting version of the Deus Ex theme.





FILENAME: Bart Klepka - Deus Ex (Happy Planet Mix) [Deus Ex].mp3

SONG TITLE: "Deus Ex (Happy Planet Mix)"

MIXED BY: Bart Klepka

ORIGINAL ARTIST: Alexander Brandon

GAME: Deus Ex

DATE MIXED: 05.04.2001

MP3 QUALITY: 128Kpbs, 44Khz, Stereo

MUSIC STYLE: Instrumental/LoBeat





System Shock 2 on earth! Deus Ex was definately a great experience, although I still favour Shock 2, this game had great stories that came together nicely, a lot more interactivity with characters within the game, and ofcourse, a nice soundtrack to go with it. Alex Brandon's title track for Deus Ex was dark yet epic at times, and very 'full'. Playing the game, the aura always seems to be dark, and it feels like a mechanical future, with political conflict. That's why I chose to do a mix of the exact opposite, what the 'good' people would be aiming for, a better place, a happy planet.

From the original tune, I took only the lead notes. The chords I reconstructed myself, to suit my style more fluently. Alex's original composition was a bit too crowded for what I wanted. The leads now play with a guitar pick, as well as a soft pad as back up aswell. Chords, as I mentioned, played with just a simple string sample. I tried my luck at some piano composition, which I don't think went too bad. Also, I added my own leads in addition to the two leads I took from the original. Bit all over the place aren't I? The drums...very simple, nothing too heavy, it is supposed to be a more relaxed mix. I tried to give the bass the same treatment I gave to my Crete (Dreamer Mix), short deep bursts. Not much more to it really. To me it does sound like a happy piece, I hope you all agree with me there.



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