Rune Matrix Moves (Beta 2)

This is a great mod that will give your characters the...

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Rune Matrix Moves (Beta 2)

This is a great mod that will give your characters the reality bending ability found in The Matrix. See additional info for details on the mod and installation.

After unzipping all this stuff to \rune\system (or whatever folder you keep rune in)

1) Add ServerPackages=RuneMatrixMovesB2 to your Rune.ini

2) Start Rune, goto Mutliplayer, and you will see a button for MODS, click on it to change the default settings

3) Click on SERVER

4) Click on the drop down for GAME TYPES and you will see all the Rune Matrix Moves Games Supported - Select One

5) Click on the MUTATORS tab and select Rune Matrix Moves and what ever other mutators you use

NOTE: ( if you run other mutators I suggest you choose those 1st )

6) Start your server and have a blast :)



I have included the Neo and Trinity models made by Screwball. You do not have to put anything in your Rune.ini

for them to work, but they HAVE to be in the Rune\System folder or the games wont work.



You can set the different game timers for your liking (the defaults seem to work fine for most though)

MaxFreezeTime = is the time you will hang in mid-air when holding the crouch button while in the air

0 = No Time Limit

MaxWallRunSpeed = Is how fast you will run when on the wall

MaxwallRunTime = Is how long you will be able to stay on the wall

0 = No Time Limit

DoubleJumpDelay = How much time passes before you will be able to double jump again

These can be set in 1 of 3 ways:

1) From the MODS menu within Rune

2) By editing the RuneMatrixMoves.ini file

3) From within the game - Log in as admin and type:

mutate maxfreezetime #.######

mutate maxwallrunspeed #.######

mutate maxwallruntime #.######

mutate doublejumpdelay #.######

mutate rmmdefaults (sets them all back to the defaults)

Durring game play:

To Use the Moves:

Make Sure Dodging Is ON

Dodge ANY direction to flip/cartwheel in that direction

Stand facing and touching a wall then dodge forward to climb it

While climbing - hit left or right to go horizontally across wall

Hit JUMP twice to Hi-Jump



You can check to see what version of Run Matrix Moves is running by typeing checkrmm in the console

You can check the server settings for the different timers by typing checkrmmvalues in the console

If the player glitches and cant wall walk or jump (or whatever) you can reset timers in one of 2 ways:

1) for just resetting wallrun do a single jump

2) for a complete reset of all timers do a backflip

3) there is a new command called RESETME (I bind it to a key)

ALL files are the exclusive property of Critter and CANNOT be distributed by any means or placed on any fan site without the permission of Critter.

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