Quake2 for Dvorak Keyboards

Quake 2 Version 3.21 modified for Dvorak Keyboards

  • Category First Person
  • Size 2.4 MB
  • Program by Robert Eckhoff

Quake2 for Dvorak Keyboards

Quake 2 Version 3.21 modified for Dvorak Keyboards.

I own a dvorak keyboard which is a special kind of keyboard known for its reduction of Carpral Tunnel Syndrome / Repetitive Stress Injuryies caused by the normal QWERTY keyboards. And

"It is a vastly more comfortable and efficient alternative to the standard "QWERTY" pattern, which was designed in the 1800s

with no effective attempt at typing comfort."

I wanted to be able to type in the DVORAK form in all the chatting and console writing in Quake2.

Unfortunately John Carmack didn't write Quake2 with other keyboards in mind, maybe he did but he has a funny way of showing it...

I ended up having to modify the Quake 2 source to support the keyboard. The modification works perfectly.

For information about Dvorak go to: http://www.mwbrooks.com/dvorak/

Robert Eckhoff

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