Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific - Crush Depth Mod

This mod changes Maxoperatingdepth, Crush Depth, Damage...

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Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific - Crush Depth Mod

This mod changes Maxoperatingdepth, Crush Depth, Damage taken time wise, and Hit Points for all submarines in Silent Hunter 4 Version 1.4

Author: Neon Deon

Requirements: SH IV version 1.4

installation: After unzipping, copy Crush Depth folder to mods folder in SH IV directory and then use JSGME to acivate mod.

Changes from Stock SH IV Version 1.4:

This mod changes the max operating depths (red line) and crush depths for all boats. It also changes submarine hit points proportionately with their coresponding historic test depths. The link point to stock game is the Balao.

Hit points

Balao: was 600 now 600.

Gato: was 600 now 450.

Gar, Tambor, Sargo, Salmon, Porpoise: was 320 now 375.

S-18, S-42: was 500 now 300.

Max Operating depth

This is where the red line goes on the deep depth guage. It has been changed to closely match the deepest you can

go without being damaged given you have a new boat with no damage.


165 meters. (was 100) Note: the Balao will go another 40 meters but depth guage only goes to 165M.


158 meters. (was 100)

Gar, Tambor, Sargo, Salmon, Porpoise:

132 meters. (was 100)

S boats:

106 meters. (was 61)

Crush depth:

Crush depth for all boats have been changed to 2.5 times historic test depth**.

Other changes

The rate of damage taken below max operating depth has been altered so each boat will crack up in line with each other boat. This was done becuase Hit points vary for each boat but the pressure on the boat does not vary due to the type boat you have. IE: The S boats at 300 HP take damage at 2 HP per second. The Balao at 600 HP will take damage at 4 HP per second. The result is they both crack up (in theory) in 150 seconds and at the same time.

The Tambor/Gar armor rating changed from 24 to 25 to match every other submarine in game.


Max operating depth will change as boat takes damage. Do not drive your boat that deep if you have taken damage even if the hull damage says 0%! The game employs hidden damage and may not show on your damage screen.


The Balao class will go much deeper than its Max operating depth indicates. The reason is the depth guage is limited to 165 meters.

Given the the guages in SH IV it is advised to use meters in game as opposed to feet.

Game notes on deep diving and diving operations:

The D key (dive) can be used to go to your max operating depth where the boat can level off. The max operating depth has been geared to safe operation only if you have no damage. You can possibly go a bit past that but when damage starts to occur you must surface the boat to stop her from accumulating damage. Even then you now have some level of hidden damage. You can guesstimate your hidden damage (from diving too deep only) from timing how long you were below max operating depth then applying the HP damage per sec to it. IE: The S class has 300 hit points and goes deeper than max operating depth. Clock starts. surface 70 seconds after you went below max operating depth. S class takes 2 hps per second. 2 * 70 = 140 hp. 300hp-140hp=160hp remaining. That gives 53 % of hull integrity remaining. Take that from the max operating depth of 106M and your new max operating depth(106 * .53) should be 56 meters. The deeper you go past Max operating depth the faster you take damage to the boat so this a guestimate.

Disclaimers and stuff:

Not responsible if this blows up your computer.

Dont try and make money off this it is free.

Use it any old way you want just remember where you got it.

Any questions on the mod please PM me thru the forums of

Credits and thanks to UBI, Neal stephens for his great web site ( and Sailor Steve for reminding everyone to sign their mods.



**One more issue. Crush depth.

This is a quoate from the USS Chopper's last dive.

"30 to 60 Seconds After Loss of AC Power

The submarine's down angle continued to increase and the forward and downward travel of the submarine was decelerating due the the applied all back full propulsion and the affect of blowing bow buoyancy, forward group and safety tanks. The planesmen continued to struggle with the planes, in hand power, attempting to place them in a rise position. The commanding officer was attempting to calm the men and in control and restore order. The submarine reached a maximum depth of approximately 1011 feet in the bow section, approximately 720 feet in the after section with an angle greater than 75 degrees down."

The Chopper was a 24 year old Balao class submarine and withstood the pressure of 1,000 feet. That is 2 and 1/2 times the test depth and is what I have based my crush depths on. Keep in mind that at over 70% crush depth in the game you begin to accumulate damage.

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