Half-Life 2 - Eternal Silence v3.0 to v3.1 Patch

This is the newly released patch for the popular Half-Life 2...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 61.4 MB
  • Program by Crankshaft Games

Half-Life 2 - Eternal Silence v3.0 to v3.1 Patch

This is the newly released patch for the popular Half-Life 2 mod Eternal Silence that will bring your game client from version 3.0 to version 3.1. It fixes the gameplay and balance problems uncovered in 3.0 and is certainly a must have update.

Full 3.1 change log:

[ADD] - Added mine dropper to bomber gunner. Allows them to lose fighters.

[ADD] - Added a button above the gunship spawn so you can spawn at your home base at all times [ADD] - Added Target last attacker control [ADD] - Added cl_crosshair_inf console commands to customize crosshair size and color [ADD] - Customizable phase time on per-map basis (see worldspawn) [ADD] - Players now get points for killing nukes [FIX] - Optimized lighting effect for napalm projectiles [FIX] - Dead capital ships no longer render their hangars.

[FIX] - Anti-desertion actually works now [FIX] - Gunships no longer give "Land Here" objective when hangar is locked [FIX] - Passengers now hear incoming missile warnings [FIX] - Commands for targeting enemies no longer include missiles [FIX] - Ship cannons fired indoors are easier to hit with.

[FIX] - Bombers now appropriatly get damage from their own bombs [FIX] - Removed UTF corvette hole [BAL] - Reduced grenade launcher damage by 25% [BAL] - Reduced grenade launcher clip from 5 to 4 [BAL] - Increased bomber damage by 50% [BAL] - Increased bomber range slightly [BAL] - Removed bomber movement limitation while charging [BAL] - Decreased flamethrower range by 40% [BAL] - Decreased flametrap duration and size by 50% [BAL] - Changed the way subsystem capturing functions to disable spawns quicker during a battle [BAL] - Evened capital ship damage so attackers won't lose by default [BAL] - Reduced Interceptor and Heavy Fighter ammo to make them more dependent on rearming [BAL] - Increased attack phase time [BAL] - Decreased Swarm Missile Range from 500 to 420 [BAL] - Increased NGM Fighter HP to make it more competitive (450,280) to (550,300) [UTF = (500,280)] [BAL] - Increased gunship gun firing rate

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