Counter-Strike: Source - Easy Skin Changer

Program written By King Leo5 in VB...

Counter-Strike: Source - Easy Skin Changer

Program written By King Leo5 in VB

If you you like to change skins reguarly, this program is for you. It alows easy switching of skin. No coping, pasting or deleting is needed.

Want anything to be changed or even want an individual requirment? Got an idea or suggestion? Need Help with the Program ? Please tell me by either posting it as a comment or PM me(King Leo5) on FPSBanana. I will get back to you.

Basic Use:

The very First time you use this program you must choose you CSS base drive. At first you will on have refrences to the Default Skins of each weapon and player skin. To add click the 'add New/Edit Skin' button. From there goto the base folder of your skin in the top left box. Add any pictures you want in the box right. Navigate folders and add files with the 2 boxes below, adding all files with refrences to the new skin. (Note: text files will not be overwritten, they have to be edited manually). Finally Select the skin type from the options on the right. and name your skin.

Save skin details will add your current skin to the list. (Delete will remove it, Load will show you the details of the skin chosen allowing editing and re-saving, New Skin clears all boxes allowing for new details to be entered.)

Terms and Conditions apply to these files and their redistribution

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