SimCity 3000 Unlimited for Linux Demo

The immensely popular SimCity 3000 is making its way to...

  • Category Empire Building
  • Size 173.8 MB
  • Program by Loki Entertainment Software

SimCity 3000 Unlimited for Linux Demo

The immensely popular SimCity 3000 is making its way to Linux, thanks to Loki Entertainment. In case you live in a part of the world that doesn't have cities, SimCity 3000 allows you to design and run simulated cities. You have to contend with zoning, commerce, industry, population growth, irate citizens, neighboring cities, disasters, and much more, all while trying to cultivate the city of your desire. This demo allows you to play through at most ten years of the 'Tutorial on getting started' scenario. Saved games and most disasters have been disabled for this demo.


- Linux kernel version 2.2.X

- Pentium 233 or higher

- 32 MB RAM required (64 MB recommended)

- Video card capable of 640x480 resolution

- XFree86 version 3.3.5 or newer at 16bpp

- OSS compatible sound card

- 270MB free hard disk space


Use gunzip to extract the archive.

Then run the self-extracting archive to unpack the demo:


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