RWM6 Real Warfare MOD v.6.0

Full modification of the Sudden Strike 2 engine...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 87.6 MB
  • Program by Otcho

RWM6 Real Warfare MOD v.6.0

Full modification of the Sudden Strike 2 engine. New: damage model, sounds, units, explosions and a huge russian RWM6 campaign. The mod enhanced realism and improves multiplayer gameplay. Furthermore it comes with a nice switcher to help you run RWM6 along with the normal mode. You will need to install these files before any later updates. (6.11 or 6.2)

Otcho's Real Warfare Mod 6.0

This modifikation should make suddenstrike2 to a strategic and

realistic game.

I think I have done this with these features:

-Tank crewprotection increased

-Movespeed of all units changed (RWM5)

-changed all sightranges (RWM5)

-an accurate damagesystem (RWM5)

-added tracers for all tankguns (RWM5)

-Improved crew protection for AT guns

-changed gunranges

-flak88-90 fires singel shots now

-removed the crew from non armored vehicles (trucks, jeeps, gunboats)

-whole bunch of new explosion animations/effects (shot specific)

-flamethrower sprite from RWM5

-artillerie accuracy and damage changed (all guns and rocket launchers)

-ammunition crate capacity increased (5000)

-only engineers carry mines (removed mines from medics, at-rifle soldiers)

-almost all long range guns fire with a preshot sound (as in sustforever)

-gunboats armed with 37mm canon & machine gun and have a improved armore against soft hits also increased soldier stocking capacity to 6

-100 new sounds and sounds from rwm5

-added some sustforever sounds for the map editor (informburo, german mission messages and some other map sounds)

-many changes from past RWM versions

New units:

-sdkfz 250 armament changed (Flamethrower)

-german flak37 37mm

-37mm canon for buildings added (normal soldier with the values of a 37mm atgun)


-ami flak90mm

-m3 ami mg halftrack



-american atg 76mm

-russian zis42

-russian supply truck

-german supply truck

-american supply truck

-stuka zu fuss

-6 fach Nebelwerfer

-german 37mm aa gun

-pz3 flammenpanzer

-bren carrier flamethrower

-sdkfz 251 MG Gunner neu plaziert

-Greif Infantrygun

-m3 Infgun

-sherman 105

-russian Matilda lend lease

-french rifleman

-french mg gunner

-french smg gunner

-british mg gunner

-medics for Brits, Jap, Ger, Rus

-Flamegunnesr for Jap,Rus,US

-american general

-Mortargunners for Rus and Ger

-US Paratrooper (AMi Elitesoldat)

-US Ranger (Elitesoldat mit Gewehr)

-British Paratrooper (UK Elitesoldat)

-Kanadischer Offizier

-Kanadischer Gewehrschütze

-Italienischer MP Schütze (Bersaglieri)

-Italienishcer Gewehrschütze

-Italienischer Offizier

-Churchill Petard

-British Sherman Firefly (Tigerknacker!)

-Churchill Crocodile (flammenwerfer&57mm)

Added elite soldiers which can crew tanks:

-SS Sturmsoldat with Hollowcharge

-SS Gewehrschütze

-SS Panzerschreck

-nkvd Sturmsoldat Haftmine

-nkvd Gewehrschütze

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