Exodus Part2

The second episode of the Exodus series...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 1.9 MB
  • Program by Exodus[Retal]

Exodus Part2

The second episode of the Exodus series.

-This is a Half-Live SP Level of 8 .bsp files and one .wad file-

-Visit the Exodus Homepage for information, screenshots and more maps-

-This is The Final release version 1.0 please report any error to me-


Title : Exodus Part2

Filename : Exodus2.zip

Author : Exodus[Retal]

Email Address : [email protected]

HomePage : http://theexodus.webjump.com/

Description : A new level with a sience fiction theme.


New stuff:

-A cool theme.

-A new level.

-Some new textures.

Play Tips:

-Don't kill any scientist without some you can't finish the level.

-Spare youre ammo for the Xenoids Border World.

Known Bugs:


How to run:

Yust extract the zip file to the half-live dir

(in most cases c:\sierra\half-live\).

Command Line: hl.exe -console

The type in the consule: map Exodus2


This is a continue on Exodus Part1 It's a complete new level and also a much better one than my last level.

Sorry but I have no time for TC work except when it's a payed job (I have always time for that).


It's 2137. There is a War between Earth and the Mars Colonie. Youre Gordon Freeman, A

special military-scientific unit of the Earth force. Youre yust escaped out of the Mars Prison

ship thogeter with a fellow earth sientist. A Earth security team is awaiting you at the landing bay,

but then.... there is an xenoids attack again but now on youre ship. Some sientist yust found out that there

is a xenoids border world close to the ship. This will give you the change to beam out the ship but then....

About The Mars Colonie:

Since 2136, 5 may a dictator rulez on Mars. He akso want to rule the Earth so he started a

war. The Dictator, Orgino Muller, was a general in the Mars militairie before he took over the


About Gordon Freeman:

You are Gordon freeman a special military-scientific unit of the Earth force. You have been

trained to fight in a Hev suit, to be able to move on every location.

About the Xenoids:

When the Xenoids found out of human exsistens they saw them as a real thread. That's wy their army

decided to whipe out the whole human race. But well of course you are there to stop them.



-Close down the security system (a scientist will help you)

-Put on the Generators

-Beam to the Xenoids Border World (a scientist will help you)

-Find the stranded Earth Ship.


I'm not resposible for any kind of damage this level does. This level is orginally desinged for Quake2 Not for Half-live

so don't say it's a stupid desing. Sorry for some language errors but english is not my mother language.

Copyright / Permissions:

This .bsp file may be distributed free of charge to anyone, and may not

be used on any commercial CD or Disk without my permission.

© Copyright 1999 Jorn Pranger

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